About us

Welcome to Kunst og Liv, where you bring nature into your home with beautiful art prints.
My name is Melie Liv, and it is my father, Leif Madsen , who painted all the original oil paintings.

My father is first and foremost a nature painter in the purest sense of the word. He wishes
to depict nature as it appears. At the same time, he is imaginative and curious and over the years he has used the dark months to experiment with other forms of expression, such as ceramics, glass and metal, but always with nature as a starting point. At the same time, he has played with adventure in his oil paintings and created some imaginative images that bring to mind nature spirits and elves.

The story behind
Kunst og Liv is a collaboration that grew out of the desire to meet the many requests for reproductions my father has received over the years. At the same time, we would like to spend more time together in everyday life. I was originally trained in media and communication, so it was obvious to let the collaboration take shape as a webshop.
I myself grew up with the paintings all over the walls and I am my dad's biggest fan!
When I was one and a half years old, we moved from Copenhagen to South Zealand, where my parents had rented a thatched house in idyllic surroundings. My mother looked after the house, garden and children, while my father went out into the countryside to paint what he saw. Gradually, my mother created a fairytale garden with colorful motifs, which also became one of my father's workplaces.
As a youth and adult, when I lived in Copenhagen, the paintings came with me. And here they meant something very special, because they gave me the feeling of always having nature close by.
The nature and surroundings in the area have become part of my DNA, and now I, together with my own small family, live again in the middle of the landscape from which my father gets his motifs. The paintings still set the mood in our home and I never tire of looking at them.

Kunst og Liv is the only place where you can buy the reproductions. My father has his own website where you can read more about him and see some of his works. It is not possible to buy directly here, but if you dream of owning an original oil painting, you can write to my father and make an agreement at: madsenleif43@gmail.com

Leif Madsen